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About Kim:


I have been creating art since I was a small child.  Art was my passion as far back as I can remember.  I literally began painting with oils at age seven, when my parents enrolled me in Saturday morning oil painting class at a local art supply store with a bunch of adults.  Okay, I was just painting dinosaurs, horses and Peanuts characters, but hey, I was only seven!  That was when I really starting identifying myself as an artist and knew that art was my greatest strength.  I had big dreams of becoming a Disney studio cartoonist.  I was probably the only girl in my class that wanted to become something other than a teacher or nurse.  I was the stereotypical “artist in the classroom” throughout grade school, and in eighth grade, was awarded a scholarship to attend Herron Art School’s Saturday art classes.  Again, I was the only little kid with a bunch of college students, but I really loved the class!  Ahhh… I can still smell the turpentine.


Faced with adult responsibilities, I worked in several different professions to pay the bills, but spent my free time drawing or painting.  When I married my husband, who is in the military, we moved to Alaska, Texas, and Fayetteville, North Carolina. While there, I enrolled in an evening painting class which reignited my interest in oil painting.  I have been painting consistently since.


My husband and I now live in central North Carolina.  Since moving here, I opened and managed an art gallery; created and directed an after school art program;  taught art lessons privately and conducted adult art classes at the Arts Council and Artists League of the Sandhills.  My real passion is working with teens at risk and persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  I am a full time professional artist. I also volunteer as a part time art instructor at an art day program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  I enjoy challenges!

Instructor:   Kim Sobat


“Everything You Wanted to Know About Cold Wax,
But Were Afraid to Ask Workshop”


When:        May 6 - 7, 2017 (10am - 4pm - Saturday and Sunday)

Where:      1662 Richards St, Southern Pines, NC 28387

Fee:           $250 - includes some supplies and lunch both days.  Payable online once you are registered.  Workshop is limited to 9 participants, so don't wait long!

Supplies:    Click here to download the supply list

What to Expect:   Demonstrations, tips, special tools, and personalized instruction


Ten Reasons to Love Painting with Cold Wax and Oils


I couldn’t be more excited about anything, than I am about having an opportunity to share my love of oil and cold wax painting with others!  This combination of mediums is the bomb!  What makes it so great?  Let me count the ways:


1)   It’s erasable (you have to love that!)


2)   It’s forgiving (no mistake too great that it can’t be easily fixed)


3)   It’s easy to work with (once you realize it’s different than painting with oils alone).


4)   No paintbrush needed (no paintbrushes to clean!)


5)   Quick drying time (but not too quick to make some changes)


6)   Happy accidents all over the place (my personal favorite reason!)


7)   Can be heavily textured or smooth and shiny (no extra mediums or special tools needed)


8)   Paint-overs only enhance and improve the end result (the underlayers are the best feature in cold wax paintings)


9)  The more tools the merrier (you’ll feel like a little kid making mud pies — a mark here and a pinch there using inexpensive household items).


10) Feels like a cross between painting, sculpting and archaeology (fun, right?)


I can show you at least 10 more reasons, so sign up!


This workshop is open to all levels including beginners with little to no experience painting.  This is a very different medium, so experienced painters should feel challenged as well.  


Southern Pines and the surrounding municipalities of Pinehurst and Aberdeen are absolutely gorgeous in early May.  The dogwoods and azaleas are at their peak and the weather is usually still very mild.  I encourage you to extend your stay and visit the area!


I will be happy to make hotel recommendations or otherwise assist you in making your stay more comfortable.  Just send me an email with any questions



Download supply list

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