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About Kim

I am an abstract painter living on the coast of North Carolina. My oil and acrylic paintings have been described by many as evocative, and elicit strong emotions and memories that captivate and engage.  


I begin each piece a with strong composition, which acts as a road map allowing the viewer to explore without getting lost. I pay particular attention to balance. Once I have put these foundational elements in place, I follow my instincts and whims, and allow the process of painting to take me on an introspective journey.  I like to include, what I call, a “sweet spot” in each painting. This is an area that is an  endorphin inducing, spa-like place where the eye keeps returning.  The desired result is a mix of sentimental and a touch of macabre, allowing me to contribute my own unique viewpoint in the contemporary art scene.  My medium is cold wax mixed with oil paint.  


I enjoy cooking everything from colorful, exotic dishes to grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  While I  love travel, I am admittedly bad at relaxing, and consequently I am drawn to large cities for their energy, grittiness, and numerous cultural offerings.  Recently, I have taken up fine jewelry design.  I enjoy working on this more mechanical activity because it turns on the other side of my brain, yet still offers infinite opportunities for creativity.  My husband of 32 yrs. has always been my biggest champion, from helping me build my studio to giving daily moral support.  We spend a lot of time on the on the water exploring the nearby coastal inlets, rivers and open water in our boat. Together, we have two adult children and a granddaughter.  


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